Strategic Counseling & Opinions

The Firm renders opinions ranging from a specific patent to providing long-term, ongoing counseling and analysis on complex patent portfolios or litigation. The Firm is prepared to address issues involving patent validity, infringement, enforceability, misuse, design-around, licensing, and contract construction and enforcement.  

Due Diligence

Obtaining an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of your intellectual property is critical. Because of the Firm’s technical background and experience, the Firm can quickly identify key issues, suggest options for mitigating risks, and outline a strategy for strengthening your bargaining position. The Firm has conducted due diligence in industries involving biotechnology, medical products & devices, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.  



The Firm has decades of experience handling a variety of licensing and transactional matters involving intellectual property, entertainment and business agreements. The Firm’s experience includes drafting licensing agreements, assignments, technology transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, joint ventures and employment/consulting contracts. The Firm also has: 

  • Successfully  negotiated and closed multi-million deals for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients.
  • Negotiated technology transfer agreements for universities and 3rd party enterprises.
  • Evaluated patent claims and 3rd party product of services to determine licensing opportunities.
  • Evaluated patent portfolios to determine high value patents for potential licensing.
  • Generated patent claim charts for infringing product and services.